Monday, April 28, 2008

My new theme song

"Merry Happy" by Kate Nash
... Though you try to tell me that you never loved me
I know that you did
'Cause you said it and you wrote it down ...
... Yeah you make me merry make me very very happy
But you obviously, you didn't want to stick around ...
... So I learnt from you ...
... I can be alone, yeah
I can watch a sunset on my own ...

Dedicated to the two most brilliant of my brilliant traces, who I have yet to find words for.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shame, Shame Mr. McCain

I have been absent from my writings because I've been busy on the campaign trail for Obama. I'm happy to report that I was elected as a Congressional Delegate for Obama and will be attending the Washington State Democratic Convention in June. I'm also eligible to become a national delegate if play my cards right.

That said, even the politico geek in me is very tired of the "he said, she said" reporting about the primaries. Enough already about the word bitter, sniper fire in Bosnia, and the incessant spin cycle of the most recent Gallup Poll.

I want real reporting, like this month's expose in Harper's Magazine about the questionable ethics of John McCain and his nonprofit organization the Reform Institute. The article (in its printed version) clearly details very questionable relationships and salaries being paid to big time lobbyists serving both for the institute and McCain's campaign - two forces supposedly dedicated to reforming the influence and power of special interest money in Washington.

I guess McCain's "Straight Talk Express" omitted the little detail that on his bus the word reform, when it comes to lobbyists and special interests in Washington, D.C., is to give them more power. All I have to say is, "Shame, shame Mr. McCain."