Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Space and New Lease on Blog Life - Come Join Me

To all my readers, I must first say thank you. I know I've been neglectful of this space over the past two years, so if you're still poking around hoping for an update you're indeed a patient person.

I've decided to moth-ball this blog along with the two others I started over the years. I think I was too ambitious trying to have three separate online spaces for my personal creative writing pursuits, politics, and work. So, I've decided to lump them all into one space on my new blog. I waited a month to make the announcement and see if I would have more success in committing to just one space versus three. I'm happy to report that I am. This is also partly because Tumblr takes away the anxiety of feeling like I have to post a big, long post by offering quick post alternatives. So come join me in my new space where you'll get it all!

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