Thursday, October 18, 2007


Right now, at this very moment, I'm sipping a delicious mocha delicately topped with whip cream.

It's from Seattle's oldest coffee house, which is right across the street from my office. On my walk there I could smell the fullness of autumn as the wind swirled trios of dancing leaves around me.

Now that I'm back in my office with Izzy B snoring at my feet, the mocha rousing my tongue, and the scene of bright yellows, oranges, and reds dancing across Seattle's pale October sky entertaining my eyes - all I can say is that I absolutely love my current life.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Candy causes murmurings of the heart

I apologize for my lack of actual blogging contact. I've been a bit busy with family, friends, work, and getting healthy (nothing serious, just a minor reaction to some medication.)

I do have a wonderful creative rambling floating around in my head about the state of relationships among us in the GenX/Millenial/Y/GenNext crowd that is is just itching to come out. However, I have promised myself that I will finish organizing my apartment tonight - so that will have to wait.

In the meantime, Iggy the iPod shuffled to a song today that spoke to me about asking ourselves the question why, I wanted to share my interpretation of the lyrics.
"Good Enough"
Hey your glass is empty
it's a hell of a long way home.
Why don't you let me take you?
It's no good to go alone.

I never would have opened up,
but you seemed so real to me.
After all the bullshit I've heard,
it's refreshing not to see.

I don't have to pretend,
she doesn't expect it from me.

So don't tell me I
haven't been good to you.
Don't tell me I
have never been there for you.
Just tell me why
nothing is good enough.

Hey little girl would you like some candy?
Your momma said that it's OK.
The door is open, come on outside.

No, I can't come out today.

It's not the wind that cracked your shoulder
and threw you to the ground.
Who's there that makes you so afraid?

You're shaken to the bone.

You know, I don't understand.
You deserve so much more than this.

So don't tell me why,
he's never been good to you.
Don't tell me why,
he's never been there for you.
And I'll tell you that why,
is simply is not good enough.

So just let me try,
and I will be good to you.
Just let me try,
and I will be there for you.

I'll show you why you're so much more than good enough ...

Monday, October 1, 2007